By Craig Hardegree

Denmark Vesey was hanged in Charleston on July 2, 1822 after it was discovered that he was planning a massive slave rebellion modeled on the successful Haitian slave uprising. Five other slaves were hanged with him. Twenty-nine more were hanged a few days later. White folk were scared out of their wits. To the inhumanity of slavery, they had added greed, expanding slavery until they were now outnumbered.

As the percentage of black residents increases, white fear increases.

Soon after the hanging, a mob of white thugs rioted and burned down Emanuel AME Church where 193 years later a young hate-filled white male whose formative years were spent listening to white Christians demonize President Obama and falsely claim that he had taken “their” country away, would take the lives of nine black people in a prayer meeting, in an attempt to spark a race war so white people could take “their” country back.

White fear of the growing black population in Charleston led to greater mistreatment of black people. And white disgust of other whites intent on stopping the mistreatment, led to white Christians firing the first shots of the Civil War across the Charleston Harbor into Fort Sumter, an edifice — in their minds — of the oppressive federal government, being run by a liberal president who couldn’t seem to understand that their way of life was being threatened.

The primary issue during the Lincoln-Douglas presidential debates leading up to the 1860 presidential election was slavery.

“This…covert real zeal for the spread of slavery, I cannot but hate. I hate it because of the monstrous injustice of slavery itself.” ~ Abraham Lincoln, 1858 Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Simmering white fear of “blacks taking over” reached a boiling point when President Lincoln was sworn in as the 16th president on March 4, 1861. Lincoln’s views on black people threatened both the Southern economy and the privileged position of Southern whites — hard-working black people who went to work every day to support a bunch of lazy whites, were about to be set free. Six weeks later, conservatives who were bent on conserving their way of life, fired on Fort Sumpter in the early morning hours of April 12, 1861, ripping the country to shreds in their conserve-our-way-of-life-at-all-costs conquest to take back their country.

Simmering white fear of “blacks taking over” reached a boiling point when President Obama was sworn in as the 44th president on January 20, 2009. Obama’s being black threatened both the economy and the privileged position of whites, in the minds of many white conservatives who began to whip each other into frothing hand-wringing frenzies with manufactured misinformation as to how President Obama would “take” from white people and “give” to black people. Twelve weeks later, conservatives who were bent on conserving their way of life, formed the Tea Party on April 15th, 2009, and set about to rip politically-correct civilized society to shreds, dispensing with dignity and decorum and respect.

President Lincoln and President Obama — the two presidents in history most hated and reviled and denigrated by Southern Christian conservatives.


Republicans in 23 states have now expressed their preference for the Republican nominee. Trump has won 15 states, Cruz 7, Rubio 1.

This is the ranking of the 23 states by black population, in descending order, with Mississippi having the highest percentage of black residents:

37% Mississippi – Trump
32% Louisiana – Trump
31% Georgia – Trump
28% South Carolina – Trump
27% Alabama – Trump
20% Virginia – Trump
17% Tennessee – Trump
16% Arkansas – Trump
14% Michigan – Trump
12% Texas – Cruz (Currently-serving US Senator from Texas)
9.0% Nevada – Trump
8.2% Kentucky – Trump
8.1% Massachusetts – Trump
7.7% Oklahoma – Cruz
6.2% Kansas – Cruz
5.7% Minnesota – Rubio
3.9% Alaska – Cruz
3.3% Iowa – Cruz
2.3% Hawaii – Trump
1.5% New Hampshire – Trump
1.4% Maine – Cruz
1.2% Vermont – Trump
0.8% Idaho – Cruz

Controlling for the fact Cruz currently serves as a U.S. Senator from the state of Texas, the black population of a state has to drop below 8% before someone other than Trump has a chance of winning.

As the percentage of black residents increases, white fear increases.

And here is a ranking of the 23 states by white-evangelical population, in descending order, with Tennessee having the highest percentage of white-evangelical residents:

47% Tennessee – Trump (17% black)
46% Oklahoma – Cruz (only 7.7% black)
46% Alabama – Trump (27% black)
44% Arkansas – Trump (16% black)
37% Kentucky – Trump (8.2% black)
36% S. Carolina – Trump (28% black)
35% Mississippi – Trump (37% black)
34% Kansas – Cruz (only 6% black)
33% Georgia – Trump (31% black)
33% Virginia – Trump (20% black)
26% Maine – Cruz
25% Iowa – Cruz
25% Minnesota — Rubio
25% Idaho – Cruz
25% Michigan – Trump
25% Texas – Cruz
22% New Hampshire – Trump
22% Louisiana – Trump
20% Nevada – Trump
16% Vermont – Trump
10% Massachusetts – Trump
9% Hawaii – Trump
6% Alaska – Cruz

Of the ten states in which a third or more of the population are white evangelicals, Trump won eight states. The two states Cruz won, have a black population below 8%.

Trump has not shown a mastery of Christian concepts. I’m not judging his individual personal faith or whether he’s a “good” Christian. That’s personal to him and none of my business. But the the overt religious character evangelicals usually demand and support in a candidate are not present.

Something else is driving their love and support of Trump.


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