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A college builds a gigantic indoor arena large enough for all of its ball teams to simultaneously practice. Footballs, baseballs, softballs, basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls and hockey pucks are constantly flying around in the air.

The volleyball captain takes her team to her home where she has built a small indoor gym as an addition to her house. The volleyball team continues practicing in the home gym, passing volleyballs in the air back and forth between team members.

It is later determined that a guy from a rival college sneaked into the college arena and hid under the bleachers and made pictures of everything all the teams were doing.

Except the volleyball team.

He didn’t get pictures of the volleyball team because the volleyball team was at the volleyball captain’s home.

A lot of people pitched fits about the volleyball captain letting her team pass balls back and forth inside the gym at her home and they wondered aloud if that maybe created a situation where people could see what the volleyball team was doing, but no one ever found any evidence that a person from another college ever sneaked into the home gym.

One thing everyone knew for certain: If the volleyball team had stayed inside the college arena like the other teams, the guy from the other college most-assuredly would have taken pictures of the volleyball team, too, just as he did of all other teams which had stayed in the arena.

The captain of the football team sneaked outside of the arena and went over to the fence that surrounded the campus. Through a crack in the fence he saw a fair maiden sunbathing and was taken by her beauty.

Thy breasts are like two fawns, like twin fawns of a gazelle that browse among the lilies. Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which came up from the washing. Thy thighs are like strong towers, yet smooth as pebbles turned to glass from a thousand years beneath the cascading waters of a mighty waterfall. Surely as the evening shadows approach, I will give you pictures of the football team practicing if only thou will allow me to turn my gaze inward to thine twin fawns.”

The volleyball team is the State Department. Hillary is the captain. She did nothing wrong. In fact, she may have saved crucial state department information from falling into the hands of the guy under the bleachers who we know for a fact, stole information from all the other teams.

David Petraeus is the captain of the football team.

There is no comparison whatsoever between what Petraeus did and what Hillary did.

What Petraeus did was illegal; what Hillary did was not.

You can package it differently and repackage it and shout it from the rooftop and cry out to Holy God with eyes cast towards heaven, feet kicking in the air, fists pounding the pavement.

And these basic facts will never change.

Not 11 days before the election, not two days before the election, not a year after the election.

The facts won’t change.

And the facts won’t change the election.

The FBI already investigated and cleared Hillary.

They have already seen all the emails that were stored on the server. Emails stored in the temporary memory of devices which sent and received emails through the server, are only duplicates of emails on the server; the devices do not operate as independent servers.

This is nothing.

Nothing for liberals to worry about and nothing to give renewed hope to conservatives.

The media will keep hyping it because there’s nothing left to hype; the election is a foregone conclusion — the media know it and Trump knows it because Trump’s own internal polling is giving him the exact same results as the polling he claims is “rigged.”

Too, regardless of anything else, the trajectory of presidential elections do not change in the final 11 days before an election. Period.

Minds are made; hearts are set.

Come January 20, we’re still going to be saying, “Madam President.”


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