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For the people who tried so hard to create the perception that President Obama is a failed president; for the people who spent the last eight years twisting his words and demonizing his actions; for the people who took years off their own lives cowered in ginned-up fear, scared out of their wits over made-up mistruths, enraged over evil tales of woe that you repeated back and forth to each other….

…it was all for naught. You achieved nothing.

All you did was upset yourselves and your like-minded friends and family. And waste your time and energy. And sully your own character by stooping to previously-untapped depths. And squander your credibility by prophesying things to come which never came.

The video skit of President Obama and Biden and Boehner posted Saturday night by The White House following the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner was funny. And cute. And heart-warming. But, to me, it was also sad. Sad, because it’s another “last” in this year of “lasts.” Sad, because President Obama and Speaker Boehner really did like each other and could have worked so well together, had it not been for the hateful Tea Party caucus and recalcitrant Republicans tying his hands.

So with that twinge of sadness, I wrote a comment from the words welling up in my overly-sensitive heart:


“There’s never been a greater president. Or a greater person. He was given a wrecked country; an economy in shambles; an exhausted military; a people who had lost faith in government.

And he made America great again.

And he did it in spite of fair-weather Democrats who left the kitchen when it got too hot; in spite hateful conservatives who attempted to block his every move; in spite of racist whitefolk who wanted to see him fail purely because of the color of his skin; in spite “Christians” who wrongly and falsely judged him and whose hateful hearts blinded them to his flawless character and impeccable integrity.

I don’t know what I’m going to do when he leaves….already I miss him like crazy…I can’t believe how fast these 8 years have flown by. It breaks my heart that it’s almost over; and that half the country acted so hateful and so ugly to him and his beautiful family — I just hope that he knows that the other half of this country truly loves him and is eternally grateful to have been witnesses to such uncommon greatness.”


And on that page where Obama-haters notoriously hang out, I did encounter a lot of ugliness and nastiness — several saying it caused them to throw up in their mouth; a couple saying I should commit suicide; an innumerable number saying I’m delusional or taking drugs or smoking crack; some questioning my gender, with comments of “light in the loafers,” “looks like you can’t wait to use the ladies restroom,” “girl/boy.”

But the really sweet and glowing and rave reviews more than made up for the negativity.

And the “likes.” Over 32,000 likes.

Assuming half of the 3,200 comments are negative, and dividing that number by the 32,000 likes = 5%, which means President Obama is loved by the other 95%.

And nationwide, his approval rating now stands at 52%. The last president left office with a 22% approval rating.


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