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Around 11:14 p.m. on the night of Tuesday, November 6, 2012, MSNBC called Ohio for President Obama, allowing those of us keeping up with the electoral count to definitively say President Obama had won reelection.

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CNN had not yet projected the race and neither had Fox News, where Karl Rove was kicking and screaming against the results, insisting that Fox delay its call.

At the time of the Ohio projection, Romney was leading in the overall total popular-vote count. So, for a few minutes, it appeared to some — Trump, in particular — that President Obama would be reelected by the electoral college but would lose the popular vote. This turned out to be far from true — President Obama eventually crushed Romney in the popular vote by 5 million votes: 66 million for President Obama to 61 million for Romney.

But at the time, Trump was convinced President Obama was going to win only the electoral college and thus become president while losing the popular vote.

And Trump told the entire nation that such an outcome was a “sham and a travesty” and meant we were “not a democracy;” that the electoral college was “phoney;” that we should “march on Washington” and “fight like Hell” and “have a revolution in this country!”

11:22 pm Trump calls for a revolution.


11:28 pm Trump says the electoral college is “phoney” because the “loser won!” (Actually he said “loser one!”)


11:29 pm Trump says we should “march on Washington” and “stop this travesty.”


11:30 pm Trump says we should “fight like hell” and “stop this great injustice!”


11:31 pm Trump says if the one who gets the most votes loses, it’s time for a revolution.


11:33 pm Trump says the election is a “sham and a travesty.”


11:45 pm Trump says the “electoral college is a disaster for democracy.”


11:47 pm Trump say the House of Representatives should “never give up.” (Republicans had won the House in 2010 and had been obstructing President Obama ever since and the Senate was still under Democratic control).


11:54 pm Trump says the House of Representatives should obstruct everything unless they got their way on one thing.


[Click on the larger screenshots to go directly to each actual tweet on Trump’s page — he hasn’t deleted them…yet. The tweets in the three smaller screenshots were deleted by Trump that same night but the New York Magazine captured them before deletion and wrote about them after midnight on the night of the election. ]


I’m not calling for a revolution. I think that’s irresponsible and wrong. And I’m not advocating for liberals to obstruct Trump on things that are good for the country; if Trump proposes single-payer health insurance or an infrastructure bill that will create jobs, liberals should support that.

But if you voted for Trump or if you stayed home or if you voted for Jill or Allepo, you are responsible for making Trump the president-elect. And you can’t now wash your hands of the consequences of your actions by pretending Trump is someone other than the person you elected. If Trump’s own words now seem too “irresponsible” and too “incendiary” to be repeated publicly, that’s on you. You put him in office and by so doing, you made his statements and positions and actions relevant, most especially when you spent months screaming, “lock her up” over another person’s past statements and actions.

And you most certainly cannot now sit on your sanctimonious throne of judgment and tell people of color and women and other people who rightfully fear a very uncertain future that they should “calm down” and “move on” when you sat on your vile hands of complicity and said nothing when Trump was tweeting calls for a revolution after President Obama was reelected.

You can’t sit idly by while a man who you want to be president uses words to mock and intimidate and insult and incite, and then turn around after you have achieved your purpose and tell us those same words are now off-limits. You own Trump now. He’s yours. You foisted him upon us and now you are responsible for him — for anything bad he does in the future and for everything he’s done in the past to tear this country apart, including stoking and heading the very racist birther movement.

If you want to begin a healing process and restore respect for the president and office of the presidency, then you need to show some humility and apologize for the horrible way you have disrespected President Obama over the past eight years. And if Trump wants to bring the country together, he can start by apologizing to people of color for his birther movement and apologizing to women for his sexist comments.

You can’t cause all this hurt in other people and then expect them to be the ones to crawl for forgiveness. They’ve turned their cheeks for decades. It’s time for you to meet them halfway.


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