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Don’t flatter yourself, Trump. This is not about you. You don’t wield the power to provoke this protest. Your verbal machinations don’t hold the significance needed to engender this energy.

Your crass words and bellicose bluster may fire up your tiny crowds, but they are too petty and small to spark a movement.

Your defeatist view of America and pessimistic view of her people may strengthen your support among those who always see the worst in this already-great country, but what you think is of no consequence to us.

Sure, we still deeply respect the office.

We just don’t recognize you as the legitimate holder of it.

No, it’s not about you.

In the overall inventory and valuation of the things that make up our lives, you are but a pesky gnat on the rump of our existence.

This is about the views you represent.

It’s about the view that the government should punish a woman for terminating an unwanted pregnancy, but do nothing to the man who caused the pregnancy.

It’s about the view that an insurance company should be required to pay for drugs that produce an erection but prohibited from subsidizing drugs that prevent pregnancy.

It’s about the view that it’s perfectly okay for the government to regulate a woman’s body; for an insurance company to charge more for a woman’s policy; for an employer to pay less for a woman’s work.

It’s about the view that the heterosexual marriage of a serial philanderer who has violated the sanctity of multiple marriages should be recognized as legal, but the same-sex marriage of two committed hearts should not be.

It’s about the view that a person who identifies differently from the gender assigned at birth, should be trivialized and ridiculed and humiliated until she is shamed from public view.

It’s about the view that a district with a high concentration of people of color is crime infested and falling apart; the view that people of color are inherently dangerous and prone to criminal activity.

It’s about the view that a president who challenged us to be our better selves, actually divided us, simply because he’s black; the view that a president who inspired a new hope in us, actually delivered hopelessness, simply because he’s black; the view that a president who lifted us out of financial and economic ruin, actually created carnage, simply because he’s black.

It’s about the view that a male candidate should not be held to account for every word and deed because “boys will be boys” — wink, wink, nod, nod — but a female candidate should be strictly held to the highest and most meticulous standard for the dot on every “i” and the cross on every “t.”

It’s about the fact that the first time we had a female candidate as the nominee of a major party, is the first time an opposing candidate colluded with a foreign government to hack into a party’s private communications and disseminate illegally-obtained information designed to drive voters away from a candidate.

It’s about the menfolk having simultaneous open investigations into a male candidate and a female candidate but steadfastly refusing to confirm the existence of the investigation on the male because it would unfairly cast him in a negative light during an election, while openly announcing details of the investigation on the female to unfairly cast her in a negative light during the same election.

It’s not about losing an election.

It’s about an election being taken away from the first viable female nominee by menfolk who conspired with a foreign government to obtain an unfair advantage in our sovereign election and by an investigative boys club that placed its macho thumb on the scale.

Don’t flatter yourself.

It’s not about you.

It’s about us.

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