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My Dear White Evangelicals: What is this thing ye speak of…“lesser of two evils”? Why do you pretend this choice was surreptitiously foisted upon you? This thing was not done in a corner; you know from whence Trump came. He wasn’t birthed of immaculate conception; you spawned him.

You had other choices. But they were “weak”…they didn’t blather and bloviate vile and vicious insults against those who don’t look or think like you. They didn’t satiate your unfulfilled desire for someone to finally stand in the public square and show open contempt and disrespect for President Obama and talk down to him like a shoe shine “boy” in the fifties who just got black sole dressing on your brown wingtips.

Those other choices didn’t promise to ban religions you hate and wall-off people you fear. They didn’t promise in deniable ways to make America white again.

Can a man take fire in his bosom and not get burned? Can he lie down with dogs and not get fleas? Can he wallow with pigs and not get muddy?

Can evangelicals flirt with evil and not be consumed thereby when short-sighted desires of the flesh have been satisfied?


You — Southern white evangelicals — created Trump. He did nothing more than parrot back to you what you have said in secret for eight years. He became the nominee on the strength of the Confederacy — the states that fought the bloodiest war in our history for the right to own slaves; the states that birthed and grew the Klan as they were still licking their wounds from the war; the states that championed segregation and defied court orders to integrate; the states where the strength of white evangelicalism lies…the Bible Belt.

The antithesis of a values-candidate dominated in states with the highest concentrations of white church-going evangelicals…and black people — states where white fear and distrust of black people and outright hatred of President Obama was a greater consideration for white evangelicals than their oft-touted “values.”

You can’t flaunt your values when it’s convenient and flout them when it’s not.

Not while you claim to be the exclusive interpreters of the thoughts and intents of Almighty God.

And now you pretend your moral sensibilities are offended by the extremes of your candidate but say you are “forced” to stick with him because “he’s the lesser of two evils;” or “it’s all about the Supreme Court nominees;” or “God sometimes uses imperfect vessels for a greater good.”

You’re embarrassed by the overt ugliness of your candidate so you search for ways to explain your support.

But while Trump may seem to be growing ever more offensive, he’s still simply mirroring your thoughts and parroting your words uttered in secret.

Calling for the assassination of someone who disagrees with your political views is not all that foreign or offensive to you — Rev. James Dobson called for born-male-identifying-female people to be shot on their way into the ladies room with nary an objection raised by you.

Saying President Obama literally pounded the opening gavel at the founding meeting of ISIS is not something foreign or offensive to you — when President Obama sent limited small arms to a vetted faction in the multi-sided civil war in Syria after you had excoriated him for “doing nothing” after the line in the sand was breached, you accused him of “helping the people who flew planes into our buildings.”

If you think Trump is getting worse, you need to change.

Because his overt ugliness is but a reflection of what he knows is in your heart.

It’s just not pretty in this lighting.


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