By Craig Hardegree

What is all this sanctimonious bewilderment coming from conservatives who are upset by Tump’s talk of “punishment” of women who seek an abortion?

Exactly what do you people think will be the end-result of your clamoring for laws to “ban abortion”?!? Have you really never stopped to consider that it will mean sending someone to jail?? Do you think the laws which you so vehemently urge will have any meaning if there is no consequent punishment? I mean — Dear, Lord! — you call it MURDER! What do you think little Susie will get? A parking ticket?

Why are you lately so shocked by the consequences of your political choices? Can you not make the connection between your vote for these conservative politicians and the resulting policies that even you can’t stomach? Do you think all the Republicans in the Georgia legislature who passed the “religious liberties” bill just fell out of the sky and randomly landed beneath the gold dome? Do you think Trump is on the cusp of becoming the Republican nominee by some inexplicable force wholly unconnected to your resounding vote for him?

Do you think you can take fire into your bosom and not be burned? Walk on hot coals and your feet not be scorched? Eat your cake and still have it? You can’t support “banning abortions” and vote for politicians who call abortion “murder” and then be repulsed by the idea of sending little Susie to jail for life when she violates her virginity pledge-card on prom night and sneaks off to a clinic to hide her sin from you. There are consequences to your actions.

But now to quell your qualms and sanitize the real-life consequences of your voting habits — so you and your support will stay on board with the conservative agenda — Trump and Cruz and anti-abortion agitators everywhere, are all rushing to reassure you that they only intend to punish doctors, not little Susie. And in their manipulative paternalistic chauvinism, they’re even saying little Susie is a victim, too! But not a victim of the irresponsible behavior of a male; she’s a “victim” of the mean ol’ doctor who is depriving her of the blessings of motherhood by abiding by her choice to terminate the pregnancy and they intend to “rescue” her from his evil clutches and cut off her access to others like him so she can happily flourish in her fruitful multiplication of life. Or experience “healing” and “forgiveness” if the doctor was able to complete the procedure before SWAT kicked in the door.

Did you catch that? The people who laid their backs down in the middle of the streets and cast their eyes toward Heaven and kicked their feet up and down and pounded their fists into the pavement and cried out, “My God, my God! He’s interfering with the inviolate doctor-patient relationship!; He’s putting the government in the exam room!; He’s going to drive doctors out of business!; I’m not going to be able to keep my doctor!; Oh, woe is me!!” are now reassuring you that they do not want to put little Susie in jail. They just want to kick-in the exam-room door and haul the doctor off to prison with little Susie’s feet still in the stirrups.

Trump is not an aberration of conservatism; he’s the embodiment of it. Legislation allowing businesses to discriminate against people who don’t share the religious beliefs of the owner and legislation sending women to prison for “murdering” a conceived-last-night zygote, are not unexplained phenomenons; they are the natural and expected results of your voting habits.

And if you think conservatives are going to ensure that male doctors go to jail while females who obtain an abortion get only compassionate healing and forgiveness, remember Senator David Vitter was reelected to the US Senate while the DC Madam committed suicide after having her life ruined by prosecution. We still live in a society that gives men high-fives and respect for having multiple sexual conquests while viewing the women he was with as promiscuous and immoral. I wouldn’t count too heavily on the hypocritical conservative white-male lawmakers only sending doctors to jail and foregoing the opportunity to punish an “immoral” woman. Especially when women continue to seek abortions from non-medical professionals after all the doctors are in jail — the very situation Trump described — and the framework for sending someone to jail for an abortion, is already in place.

But maybe Trump is right. Maybe there should be some form of punishment for abortions. For the man — the man whose irresponsible behavior caused the unwanted pregnancy in the first place.

Abortion would forever cease to be a political issue in this country if we would simply shift the focus to the cause of the unwanted pregnancy, rather than focusing on the extremely personal and heart-wrenching medical decision that a woman is left to make in consultation with her doctor and her God, while the cause is out drinking a beer or hunting a deer or rooting for pigskin with a carefree cheer.

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