By Craig Hardegree

Remember back when we had “real Americans” for presidents, who loved America and Jesus and always dropped everything they were doing and immediately hibernated in the Situation Room any time people on the other side of the world were attacked by other people on the other side of the world? Remember how those presidents always said it was best to immediately rearrange our lives following every terror attack to prove to the terrorists that their tactics were working; that they had terrorized us into changing our lives for them; that they could control us like puppets on a string?

Yeah. I don’t remember that either.

‘Cause it never happened.

And because all the way up until we put a black man in the White House — twice — everyone instinctively knew it was a bad idea to give terrorists what they want. But now people are more interested in trying to make President Obama look bad and trying to shame him into performing for ever-changing capricious and arbitrary rules made up by white men to give the appearance that they control him, since they never could beat him at the ballot box.


December 12, 1983: Radical Islamists carried out a sustained coordinated attack inside Kuwait, our most trusted and reliable Arab ally in the area. The attacks centered on two embassies, an airport, and an oil refinery. Six people were killed.


Reagan held a photo op with Mr. T.

Just prior to meeting with Mr. T., our Hollywood-trained actor-president spoke to Frank Sinatra. Afterwards, he met with Antonio Aguilar, a popular actor from Mexican Westerns. Otherwise, Reagan had a busy day of doing absolutely nothing about the Kuwait terrorist attacks.


March 20, 2002 at 7:05 am: Israeli Egged Bus # 823 was headed to Nazareth on Highway 65. Just as the bus passed through Umm al-Fahm, a radical Islamist from the Islamic Jihad organization detonated himself, killing seven Jewish people and wounding 27 others.

March 21, 2002: A radical Islamist member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terrorist organization went to Jerusalem’s crowded shopping district, stood in front of a toy store on King George Street, and blew himself up, killing three Jewish people and wounding 42 others.

President George W. Bush immediately sprang into action. He boarded Air Force One on March 21st and headed straight to…

…El Paso, where he gave a speech on promoting open borders, before heading across the border to the Cintermex Convention Center in Monterrey, Mexico on March 22nd to give a speech at the United Nations Financing for Development Conference in an effort to cultivate relations and promote economic cooperation with our neighbor to the south.

If you missed that, Bush was froclicking with Vicente Fox in an effort to cultivate relations and promote economic cooperation with our neighbor to the south, while people on the other side of the world were dying at the hands of terrorists.

Bush left Mexico the following day and headed to…

Peru to meet with President Toledo on March 23rd, before heading to El Salvador for a March 24th meeting with President Flores.

But the radical Islamic attacks on our best friend in the whole world were not over. The worst was yet to come and Bush was doing nothing.


March 27, 2002: During Passover — the most sacred time of year for Jewish people — a Passover seder was being held for 250 guests in the Park Hotel located in northern Israel in the coastal city of Netanya. In the evening hours, a radical Islamist who was a member of the terrorist organization Hamas, disguised himself as a woman and entered the dining area around 7:00 p.m. with a suitcase full of explosives. The explosion killed 30 Jewish people and injured at least 140 others, many of them elderly who had traveled to Israel for Passover. Some of the dead had been Holocaust survivors.

It was noon back here in the US on the east coast. Bush was at the Palmetto Expo Center in Greenville, South Carolina giving a campaign speech for Representative Lindsey Graham who was running for US Senate.

But as soon as the speech was over, Bush turned his attention to more pressing matters.

He flew on down here to Atlanta to campaign with the Georgia State Patrol at Georgia Tech at 3:00 p.m. before heading over to the Atlanta Grand Hyatt Hotel at 6:30 p.m. to stump for Saxby Chambliss who was running to oust triple-amputee Vietnam War vet Senator Max Cleland from the US Senate, using triple-split-screen advertisements placing Senator Cleland between Osama and Saddam.

You did get that? Right? Bush was campaigning for Republican senate candidates during the midterm elections instead of returning to Washington to do something about radical Islamists killing our Jewish friends at Passover.


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