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Prophetess Deborah ruled over Israel for 40 years. When she first came to power, the Jews were under oppression from the Canaanites; her first order of business was to defeat the oppressors and bring peace to Israel. Deborah chose as her chief military officer a Hebrew warrior named Barak, whose name in Hebrew means “lightning.” She incited a rebellion and sent Barak to organize an army and lead 10,000 Hebrew warriors into battle. They soundly defeated the Canaanites and Israel enjoyed 40 years of peace. This is recorded in Chapter 4 of the Book of Judges in the Old Testament. Chapter 5 retells the story in beautiful Hebrew poetry — “The Song of Deborah and Barak.”

The peace established by the rule of woman ended when the torch was passed back to the menfolk. The Jews fell back into sin and succumbed to oppression from the Midianites and Amalekites. But God raised up Prophet Gideon to lead another uprising. Gideon called for the Israelites to ready their weapons as he sought a sign from God as to whether he was making the right battle plans. He placed a wool fleece on the threshing floor and prayed for God to soak the fleece with dew but leave the surrounding floor dry, as a sign that God was pleased with his battle plans. The next morning, the fleece was wringing-wet and the floor was dry.

This is referred to by evangelical preachers as “laying a fleece out before God.”

“Lord, if you want me to leave this small church that doesn’t pay much and go to the church that’s offering more money, let the sun come up in the morning.”

“Lord, if it’s not your will for me to get this extravagant car, let monkeys rain from the sky.”


James Dobson is the evangelical preacher who recently called for the real men of America to rise up and kill born-male-identifying-female people as they are headed into the ladies’ room. Dobson founded “Focus on the Family” in 1977 and led it to become the largest, most powerful, most influential evangelical Christian organization in America. By 2004, Dobson had firmly established himself as one of the top three evangelical leaders in the country, along with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. Falwell’s death in 2007 and Robertson’s becoming comparatively stagnant after years of flying high with his Christian Broadcast Network, Christian Coalition and American Center for Law and Justice, left Dobson indisputable at the top of evangelicalism by 2008.

The open-air Mile High Stadium in Denver was selected as the place Democrats would coronate Barack Obama as our nominee in 2008. Barack was scheduled to give his acceptance speech on August 28.

A month before the convention, a media team from Focus on the Family produced a video of the media director walking around in front of Mile High Stadium, asking the 30 million members of Focus on the Family to pray for God to send a “torrential rain of Biblical proportions” to disrupt Barack’s acceptance speech; “a network-cameras-can’t-see-his-face rain;” “a swamp-the-intersections-rain;” “an umbrella-ain’t-gonna-help-you rain.”

“You might ask why I would pray for that. Well, I’m still pro-life and I’m still in favor of marriage being only between one man and one woman, and I’d like the next president – who will select justices for the US Supreme Court – to agree.” ~ Stuart Shepard, Focus on the Family, July 30, 2008

That was a fleece.

If it had rained even two drops on President Obama, we would have never heard the end of it. In the minds of evangelicals, that would have been an irrefutable sign from God that He did not approve of Barack becoming president. They would have whipped that post and beat that drum every single day for the past 8 years.

But it didn’t happen.

God painted the skies with brilliant sapphire and lovingly smiled rich and plentiful sunshine down upon His servant Barack.

God was well pleased with Barack…that’s the message using their test; their fleece; their chosen method of divining God’s will.


But God wasn’t finished with his answer.

Pentecostal evangelical Sarah Palin and John McCain were to have their day in the sun 4 days later at the Republican National Convention set for September 1 – 4. The first night would feature Bush giving the final speech of his presidency; his time to gloriously recap lies and rewrite whys as he passed the torch into the future.

But God was having none of it. As soon as Barack was safely off the stage at Mile High that Thursday night, God began churning the warm gulf waters near Jamaica on Friday morning. On Saturday it was up to a Category 3, then a 4 as it neared Cuba. And on Sunday, August 31st, Hurricane Gustav was barreling towards New Orleans with a torrential force of such Biblical proportions that…

…Day 1 of the Republican National Convention had to be cancelled.

God may not come when you want him…

…but he’s always on time.


And God still wasn’t finished. Four years later Republicans gathered in Tampa Florida to crown Romney and Ryan as their saviors. Evangelicals who tell us their opposition to Jesus-professing President Obama is based on scripture, fully embraced a Mormon bishop after a hundred years of telling us that Mormonism is a heresy-teaching cult of the Devil. The Most Holy Franklin Graham and his ailing father Billy, scrubbed their website of anti-Mormon theology and jumped with both feet into the Mormon camp — as did every last Pentecostal and Holiness and Baptist preacher I know — all permanently forfeiting in perpetuity the moral authority to ever tell you or me or anyone else that their politics are based on the Bible.

The convention was scheduled to begin on August 27, 2012.

But Day 1 had to be cancelled…again.

Because God sent Isaac to shut it down.

Hurricane Isaac.


Laying out the fleece to test God, wasn’t the problem; it was preacher Dobson’s mockery that put him in the hands of an angry God. Following the backlash over the video, Dobson pulled it from their website and went on Sean Hannity’s Fox program and said asking 30 million Christians to pray for God to disrupt Barack was meant as a joke.

But God will not be mocked.

Galatians 6:7…

God will not be mocked. For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

In January 2009, President Obama was inaugurated without incident.

In February 2009, Preacher Dobson resigned as chairman of Focus on the Family over philosophical differences with other leaders at the organization.

By 2011, the workforce at Focus on the Family was down to 650, less than half of its 2002 peak force of 1,400.

And President Obama soared.

And Preacher Dobson was brought down.

Hoist on his own petard.

Because whatsoever a man sows…

…that shall he also reap.End-Post-Craig-Hardegree

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