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Bless their hearts. Two privileged white candidates getting tore-slap-up in a huge brouhaha over a single barb and cross-barb of the utterly dehumanizing and debasing mother-of-all-insults, “not qualified.”

Imagine if they had to endure eight years of people saying they are “not legitimate” and “not American” and “not one of us” and “a terrorist” because their skin color was different from previous presidents.

I don’t know why Democrats seem so convinced that winning in November is going to be a cakewalk — at the same time they are ripping each other to shreds.

Most people weren’t on Facebook in 2008. The acrimony wasn’t in writing, deeply etched in stone on a personal level. We don’t truly have any precedent upon which to base these generous predictions of a miraculous “coming together” after the convention.

There’s a huge disconnect among liberals right now. The vast majority are strongly convinced that the eventual Democratic nominee will win in November. But polling shows 25% of Bernie voters won’t support Hillary. And Hillary supporters are taking the high road and feeling good over the fact that “only” 14% of Hillary supporters won’t support Bernie.

Doesn’t matter.

Either number would likely result in “President Trump.”

Somewhere along the way, liberals have forgotten what sets us apart from conservatives.

We all know it’s not that conservatives favor “small government” — they want the government forcing feet into stirrups and intruding inside women’s bodies.

We know it’s not that conservatives want to be extra sure a president is “American-born” to an American father — they’re rallying around a candidate unquestionably born in Canada to an indisputably-born-in-Communist-Cuba father.

We know it’s not that they favor “tougher, stronger foreign policy” — they shirked their Constitutional duty and refused to even attempt to pass a resolution in congress specifying what they believed President Obama should have done in Syria or Ukraine or what they believe he should presently be doing against ISIS.

The thing that sets us apart — get ready for collective eye roll…even from many liberals — is love and acceptance and kindness and empathy and concern for our fellow human beings.

What happened to all the “pass the popcorn and let’s watch the conservatives destroy their party”? Why did we have to start doing the same thing to ours? Why can’t we disagree with Bernie without demonizing him and his followers and insulting their intelligence? Why can’t Bernie supporters be for him without making vulgar references to Hillary’s gender?

Facebook and Twitter have become echo chambers, reinforcing popularized ideas that people want to believe, while punishing and squelching people who don’t drink the Kool-Aid. But I’ve been a keen observer of politics all my life. And though I’ve often been disappointed with election results, I’ve rarely been wrong in predicting them.

Democrats are in a bad place right now. If they don’t call to remembrance what sets them apart from conservatives and start practicing more of it, come November, things aren’t going to go the way they think they will. If you want to know how it’s going to feel, just ask a conservative about the morning after the election in 2012 when they had all thoroughly convinced each other that there was no way President Obama could win again.


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