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You know what’s creepy? Fifty-year-old men using photos of themselves hugged-up to their 22-year-old daughters as their profile pics because they want other men to think they are old studs with young hottie wives. It’s not only creepy; it’s extraordinarily disrespectful to your wife.

You know what’s disturbing? Mothers in their thirties going on outings with their 10-year-old sons and referring to them as “dates.” It’s subliminally harmful to your son’s psyche.

Makes no difference that these are socially-acceptable hot trends that everyone considers to be “sweet” and “cute” and a whole host of other benevolent words.

The fact is, we didn’t do this back in the 70s and 60s and 50s. By those standards, it’s freakish and confusing and disturbing and we need to cut it out. If it wasn’t acceptable back then, it’s morally wrong now.

That is the standard. Right?

And don’t even start with that faux “safety” concern. Transgender is interrelated with pedophilia and rape the exact same way the 1969 lunar landing is related to what you had for breakfast yesterday.

If your concern is rapists and pedophiles going into the ladies’ room, then pass a law about that — but leave transgendered people out of it. They’re not the rapists and pedophiles. The overwhelming vast majority of rapist and pedophiles and sex offenders are lugi-hawking crotch-fiddling unkempt heaps of disgusting masculinity — you know, real men, manly men, the kind you want to have a few beers with and go shoot something, the kind who cherish women like fine and fragile antique furniture rather than respecting them as equals.

And preachers. A lot of pedophiles are preachers. And priests. And Sunday School teachers. And coaches. And family members. It’s people who spend a considerable amount of time positioning themselves near a child and gaining the confidence of the parents. It’s not feminine men who identify as women and look female enough to risk getting the life beat of them in the men’s room by macho Trump-supporting barbarians.

And no, you don’t get to make judgments about “real transgendered” or “true transgendered” based on your ideals of what the perfect woman is supposed to look like, any more than you get to sit outside the ladies’ room now and judge whether a woman is pretty enough or has large enough breasts or long enough hair or heavy enough makeup to go in and use the restroom.

Early in our history, the privileged white in-crowd forced slaves to strip naked on the auction block so their genitalia could be examined to determine if they were healthy enough to reproduce — and to humiliate them as a reminder of their inferior place in society. Hitler and the ruling Nazis forced people to strip naked so they could inspect genitalia and pick out the circumcised Jews and segregate prisoners according to gender.

This is not about you. It’s not about safety. It’s not about morality.

It’s about dignity. And decency. And humanity.


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