Seriously? There are conservatives down here in Georgia who can’t figure out why Trump trounced? Why foul-mouthed ugly-talking nasty-acting Trump won in the conservative Christian evangelical South? Why Trump who reduces women to their menstrual cycles won in the husband-is-head-of-household Bible Belt? Why Trump who refused to disavow the white-robed white-ISIS and had black students removed from a Valdosta rally just for being black was able to lock-up the nomination on the strength of voters in the reconstituted Confederacy?

You really don’t know?

Under what rock hast thou lived for the past eight years? Into what sand didst thou plant thy head for the past eight years? Where is the wool behind which thou didst intentionally hide thine own eyes?

As a lone Southern-bred white-privileged evangelical-Christian male voice crying out in a barren wilderness of hate-filled anger-ridden fear-consumed Christians, I showed it to you, but you covered your eyes; I preached it to you, but you stopped your ears; I reasoned with you, but you ignored it; I pleaded with you, but you bristled; I warned you, but you denied it.

It really was about race. It really was about the color of his skin.

At no time in history had leaders in Congress gathered on the night of a president’s inauguration to plot how to delegitimize him and block his every move, before he had stepped a foot into the White House. Not until President Obama. At no time in history had the Senate instituted a continuing filibuster, requiring a president to get 60 votes in order to pass anything. Not until President Obama. At no time in history had people questioned whether a president was “one of us.” Not until President Obama.

At no time in history had we elected a black president. Not until President Obama.

And you stood in your silence and let others make racial innuendos about President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. You stood in your ignorance and closed your minds to readily-available easily-accessible facts that would have clearly shown that you were misinformed about both the substance of his actions and the motivations for them. You stood in your laziness and refused to put forth the effort to educate yourselves to the truth. You cowardly hid behind others, hitting “Share” on misinforming-posts and “Forward” on racially-tinged emails.

And now you want to know why conservative Christians in the South could have gone so solidly for a candidate so repulsive to the example of Christ and so repugnant to Christian values?

Trump is nothing. He’s a sociopath without a conscience, wholly incapable of empathy. He has no guiding principles, no defining values. He’s a soulless empty vessel, adrift with no direction.

He was clay, waiting to be made and you made him.

He’s but a mirror, reflecting you.

He’s you.


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