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Earlier today, I sat spellbound and in awe of the flawless presentation of heart-stirring words and soaring rhetoric and lofty goals and uplifting ideals from history’s Greatest President as he spoke from his empathy-filled heart in Miami, pressing us ever onward towards a mark of higher calling, towards the betterment of humanity, towards a greatness that exceeds our own self interests.

He’s been doing this for more than 9 years, ever since that Saturday afternoon in April 2007 when he stood on the steps of the old state capitol in Springfield Illinois and spoke these words:

“It was here, in Springfield, where North, South, East and West come together that I was reminded of the essential decency of the American people — where I came to believe that through this decency, we can build a more hopeful America.”

The only other person on the national scene who can touch my heart and thrill my soul on such a visceral level is First Lady Michelle Obama.

Following President Obama’s speech in Miami today, Trump took to the stage in Jacksonville Florida and delivered a dark ominous speech; in a brooding mood with a defeated tone; in a beaten voice with a scowling expression; appealing to the lowest basest most-selfish parts of the human psyche.

And then I listened to Melania…

…a foreign-born woman here in this country by means which have been questioned, asked if we want a country with “strong borders;”

…a woman enjoying the fruits of a man who became wealthy through a silver spoon; filthy-rich through cheating small businesses and refusing to pay taxes, asked if we want a country that gives everyone a “fair shot;”

…a woman married to a man who brags that he can get by with committing sexual assault against women, asked if we want a country that “respects women;”

…a woman whose husband has fraternized with mobsters and is in deep hock to Russian oligarchs, asked if we want a president who is “beholden to no one;”

…a woman willing to become the first lady off of a campaign that is bashing Hillary with illegally-hacked internet emails that have been illegally leaked in a manner designed to hurt a person, said her focus as first lady will be on “protecting people from bullying by no-name people hiding on the internet.”

Yes, Melania, we want those things.

And that is precisely why your husband can never be president.


If you don’t like Hillary, that’s fine.

I wasn’t too crazy about her myself, at first.

But if you love President Obama like I do, you have got to get out and vote and you have got to vote for Hillary. Because if you don’t, these people are going to undo absolutely everything President Obama has accomplished for us.

If your heart, like mine, is already breaking over the thought of President Obama no longer being our president, you have got to get out and vote. Because if you don’t, the heartache you feel now is going to pale by comparison to the apocalyptic destruction that will be unleashed on this country when a pompous woman-hating racist takes control of society and opens up the pent-up closeted ugliness that we mistakenly thought we had shamed into oblivion.

They couldn’t beat President Obama — they miserably failed in 2008 and they spectacularly flamed-out in 2012. In their eyes, this is their third opportunity; a new chance to beat President Obama; a chance to reverse his accomplishments; a chance to ruin his legacy; a chance to drain the economy like they did before but this time blame it on President Obama.

You have got to vote.

Vote like President Obama’s presidency depends on it. Because it does.

Vote like this country depends on it. Because it does.

Vote like equality and acceptance and respect depend on it. Because they do.

Vote like the world hangs in the balance. Because it does.


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